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Why Leap HR?

Leanne is an international best selling author, speaker and the founder of Leap HR, the world's foremost HR community engaging, embracing and enhancing colleague collaboration. Having spent over 25 years in her profession, Leanne has worked across a broad spectrum of businesses before creating her vision in Leap HR. Realistic in her approach, Leanne has changed the way HR is perceived as becoming less isolated and more inclusive.

“Every year I see thousands of businesses losing time, money and good people, including suppliers and clients, simply because they didn’t include a HR Specialist at the beginning when creating their business growth strategy. This causes massive financial losses to the business, a negative impact on customer service, unnecessary stress to the business owner and ultimately irreparable damage to their reputation that often leads to closing the business. As a result of seeing 1 in 5 businesses closing every week, I believe it really doesn’t have to be this way. So I created global membership schemes that bring HR experts and small business owners together to provide simple, realistic support both ways.

I want to create a community of current HR Professionals, those who want to work in HR and SME’s who may need HR support; to provide access to standard HR templates, education and knowledge; and, to provide a pragmatic alternative in a cost effective way. Together we can build a professional and resourceful community that is invaluable for all parties.”


Leap HR provides you with easy to understand training, the simplest tools and practical resources to ensure that you build, nurture and expand the best dream team to exceed your vision. We offer you cost-effective solutions that fit a wide variety of business sizes and stages:

  • ​Quick HR Training

    • Simple and quick online training courses, in a variety of HR subjects to support your business with people matters.  ​

  • Retained Support 

    • a per employee per month service designed to support your small business with day to day HR activities​;

  • HR Reviews

    • a personalised HR Review of your business of both HR and GDPR practices to ensure you and your business is protected;​

  • Membership Schemes

    • Fit for your business, there are 2 monthly (or annual) paid online only membership scheme upgrading your knowledge and providing easy to use tools and templates on all HR subject matters, a monthly webinar on a key subject but importantly this also comes with support to ensure this fits your business requirements.

  • Custom

    • HR Support on an ad hoc basis to support your business with a project or particular plan.

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Leanne Pogson of Leap HR Consultancy Services
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