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Leap HR

Leap HR was the first element of the business and the driving force behind supporting people in general. Focusing on small businesses, we have worked really hard to remind, and encourage businesses that people should be at the centre of everything they do on a day to day basis. And you don't just need to be an employer, working alongside freelancers, contractors,  suppliers and even customers, you are with people. Treating them all with respect and integrity can only help your business grow. 



Leap is building the world’s most supportive community for HR Specialists and Small Business Owners to engage, embrace and enhance a unified approach to their business growth strategy .


Leap HR provides you with easy to understand training, the simplest tools and practical resources to ensure that you build, nurture and expand the best dream team to exceed your vision.


Community – We embrace the opportunity to help others make a real difference to you and your people.

Integrity –  We act with honesty and integrity at all times.  

Contribution – We offer that personal touch whilst making a positive difference to your business.

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