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Leap into Balance

Having gone through a personally tragic and emotional situation, Leanne found herself needing someone to talk to but sadly discovered that there was a lengthy waiting list for conventional mental health services. With the help of local complementary therapist friends, she was able to get back on an even keel. Such was the impact of change that she qualified as an Energy Practitioner and is now able to offer you the technique that will help bring you balance day to day.

We hasten to add, this is not a therapy, but a simple relaxation technique that can help you in situations of stress and anxiety; and works in complementary to other therapies.


What it does, without doubt, is enable you to function in the moment without focusing on the past. Therapy can and should be used to resolve any underlying historical issues, but this procedure will help you live in the now. This could be coping with exams, phobias or more complex and challenging situations. 


Having engaged in this herself, Leanne knows that power that it has to lighten the load in a world that can be stressful for many.

This technique takes just 45 minutes to learn. It works with children and adults, even pets can benefit from their owners practising this procedure.  The technique can be taught face to face or via Zoom or Skype. One session can quite literally change your life.

  • The Balance Procedure book and cards - £15

  • The Balance Procedure session, includes book and cards - £150

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